American Apparel

American Apparel

Passion, innovation and ethical practices for the clothing industry.
As a manufacturer of basic apparel, our company has a direct impact over the lives of 50,000 workers around the world. We proudly offer styles made globally and in the USA, providing more jobs to more people than ever before.

Wholesale Heritage
For the past fifteen years, American Apparel brought quality basics to consumers. Our story starts as a small wholesale business that had a commitment to deliver the best American-made t-shirt at an affordable price.
The minimalism and simplicity of our design as well as the large and original range of colors have set American Apparel as a leader not only in the wholesale business, but also in the entire garment industry.

Los Angeles-Based
In 1997, American Apparel arrived in Los Angeles and settled for good. As the brand grew, we embraced the Los Angeles culture that had influence on our choice of models, locations, design, collaborations, photography, and lifestyle.

More than Basics
Not only does American Apparel bring quality basics to consumers, but we also provide clothing that is both comfortable to wear and acts as the foundation for your personal style. No matter where you’re from, no matter who you are, our basics will fit.

Globally Sourced, Ethically Made, Sweatshop Free
American Apparel has always believed in sweatshop free and ethically manufactured apparel. Today we’re taking our beliefs one step further by creating positive impacts for more people around the world. Our company-owned manufacturing facilities provide our employees with free onsite medical clinics. Our community investments include healthcare and education initiatives where we operate. American Apparel remains committed to building responsible practices and sustainable solutions into everything we do.

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American Apparel
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